“We Exist” is an organisation created and managed by Syrian people. Our aim is to facilitate access into the labour market for people who fled conflict and persecution.

Our aim

We Exist is created and managed by Syrian people who have lived through the war in Syria. The founding members are very familiar with the Syrian culture, tradition and – of course food.

Since September 2015, we have assisted newcomers arriving in Belgium as free-lance volunteers. We are aware of many obstacles people are facing and that is how we came up with the idea of We Exist – we wanted to open job opportunities while connecting traditions and cultures.

We Exist was set up in September 2016. Since then, team of Syrian volunteers have been preparing Syrian meals for different private and professional events. We Exist is organising events intended to bring Oriental and European traditions more closely together. We believe that we can show the richness of our diversity and multiculturalism through positive culinary events. Our great inspirations are our mothers who thought us how to prepare the most delicious dishes. We want to share these flavours with everyone.

Thanks to these convivial activities we wish to make our citizens aware of the challenges within our society and the richness of our diversities. These activities enabled us to raise funds and to start recruiting our volunteers. It also helped us to invest in our restaurant.

With the development of activities and the increase of financial resources, the long-term objective is to multiply the recruitment of people who fled conflict and persecution.

We Exist is built on mutual respect towards every person regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, sexual or gender identity.